“Allegedly Wronged”

I’m seeing a lot of posts popping up in response to Congressman Cantor’s “allegedly wrong” comment. (Basically, he stood up and said [para] “We all have stories from our constituents that tell of being allegedly wronged by the health care industry.”) Allegedly wronged … ok.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the one that stung the most, though it wasn’t the most costly.

I had to go to Huntsville, AL, for some training about 8 years ago, and took along my wife and daughter to make it something of a working vacation. Last night of training, headed back home (to Dalton, GA) the next day, my daughter comes down with fever over 104, projectile vomiting (repeated), uncontrolled diarrhea. I have two brain cells left, and remember our insurance requires calling nursecare prior to going to the emergency room for most things. I call, and the nurse says, “Go.” I get her to transfer me to the insurance authorization system, and get FROM THEM which hospital to use – not the closest, but still fairly easy to reach. Off to the emergency room of the hospital we’re told do reach, and my daughter gets meds and lots of fluids (and to this day it was “we think it was food poisoning”). Oh, I pay the co-pay up front as per my insurance.

We get home, and a week later get a bill for the insurance. A few days after that we get a letter FROM the insurance saying we had to pay the entire bill.



Actually, I did a lot of yelling. And I did a lot of calling. And in the end, I paid the bill because the insurance commissioner of this state (Oxendine, who is running for governor) told me that they followed the rules.

I yelled a bit more because the hospital I passed getting to the one I used would have charged me about 2/3 as much. Got that in writing, but it didn’t matter that I went where my insurance advised, it was still all my bill to pay.

It didn’t break me. Heck, I’d go bankrupt to save the life of my daughter. But I was paying for an insurance and when I needed it, it let me down.

Oh – that was Blue Cross of Georgia. I have dealt with Blue Crosses in four states, and every single one of them has done something similar to me. If it’s at all possible I use something else these days – it’s a matter of lacking trust.

Yep, I was “Allegedly wronged”, but in reality I just didn’t know the rules well enough and got what I’d paid for.



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