Another alleged…

I said I had more than one “alleged” wronging from the health care industry. Again, perfectly legal and in the rules and nothing I could do about it.

I went to the emergency room myself about 6 years ago – yep, a couple of years after my daughter’s trip. I’d been mowing the lawn and getting grass under a shrub. The shrub was thick, and what I didn’t know was there was a hornet’s nest in it. The handle of the lawnmower caught the nest and broke it open.


Worse… I’m pretty pain resistant, and I’d earlier been crawling on my back through some dirt. At first I thought all I was feeling was just more dirt sliding down my neck and sleeves. Then I realized I was seeing bald-face hornets — a LOT of them — about the time I realized I was getting these little stings on my hands and face, too.

Later, we counted over 400 stings. Much later – after what follows here.

I got, well, a bit woozy from the poison. I was conscious enough t recognize it as shock and had my wife take me to the hospital. “Hi, I’m in shock from stings from a hornet’s nest.”

I sat in a treatment room, after a HASTY admission that bypassed many already waiting, for just under three hours before the doctor actually saw me. I’d gone into severe shakes (Gods, I was cold), and my wife had gotten blankets from the staff, did basic first aid of feet up and fluids (at my advice – I’m wired weird and could think despite the problems), and was past it all before I saw the doctor. The doctor ran a few tests, gave me a prescription for some pills and an epi-pen (that I never used – never needed it after), and away we went.

Wait, it gets better.

About two weeks later we got the bill. Now, the plan I was on said I had to pay the first little bit of each bill – ain’t deductibles grand? Anyway, the bill came — or rather the billS. Plural. One for the doctor and one for the nurse and one for the room and one for… all for one visit to the emergency room. Since they were all separate bills, I had to pay, well, you get the deal.

Legally and by the fine print of COURSE I wasn’t wronged. I was just “allegedly” wronged.



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