I guess I need to catch up. Jeffreyww keeps posting cute critter posts (like this) over on Tamara’s site. And Cassidy’s been having fun with her newborn lambs at Long shadow farm. (By the way – if you live close enough to Berthoud, CO, remember there is truly Organic chicken and lamb available. It’s worth it, trust me. But I digress.)

So, I guess I should show my pets. I’m a cat person, so they’re first. Monster is high (and something caught her attention at the last instant) and Spaz is the one staring at us.
Cats in window nook

My wife and daughter are the dog people. Nonetheless they insist on my time as well. (Yes, that’s my fat belly you see.) The black is Raven, the spotted is Buffy, and Jezebel is wearing the sweater. She’d just been shaved, and we had (for here) extraordinarily cold days.
The dogs.


2 thoughts on “Pets

    • No, but friends (the ones I linked) do. As does family (in places like Broomfield, Longmont, and Ft. Collins.) I used to live in the Springs, myself.

      Now, I’m right next to Chattanooga. Just a tiny bit of distance, doncha know.

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