Jerusalem isn’t one city.

I’ve seen a lot of comments regarding the Israelis ‘settling’ in east Jerusalem to realize a lot of people don’t get it. The comments are along the lines of “Why are they objecting to this – Jews in Jerusalem? A Problem? WTF?” So, a bit of clarification.

The best (and first) analogy would be to use east and west Berlin back when there were two nations. Because, you see, that’s exactly the situation here. It would be SPECIFICALLY like seeing East Germany building (or seizing) housing in West Germany and then claiming that was now part of East Germany.

I don’t really think that’s visceral enough, so let’s move it to the US. The closest analogy we have would be Juarez Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Picture the US taking Juarez this way.

If the “good guys” do wrong, it’s still wrong.


2 thoughts on “Jerusalem isn’t one city.

  1. good to see you posting again. Dang, you were positively prolific yesterday! BTW, my faves are your food posts. Enjoyed the pizza one.

    re this topic: I’m wondering when the unquestioned support for Israel will finally begin to fade. While I generally support Israel, ever since the Lebanon adventure 30 years ago I find it harder and harder to accept it’s actions and policies. With the rise of the “end times” fundies here in the US, I am even more troubled, given their propensity to see everything in biblical terms. This may not end well…

  2. It comes and goes. And I, well, I like food.

    Israel lost my unconditional support with the Liberty incident. Now… now I think we should give them the same slack we do Turkey or France or… That is to say, recognize their interests and ours are sometimes in opposition.

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