Tea Party Insight

I’ve been arguing and discussing with several groups, and had an insight.

The Tea Party is today’s echo of the SDS. Both are/were mostly well-meaning, passionate, law-abiding (and only passively violating the law) people who were relying on lies and disinformation. The liars and disinformers were part of nastier subgroups, which in the SDS case included such groups as the Weather Underground and Black Panthers. We’re seeing some of this in the Three Percenters and OathKeepers, but I suspect (not know, just suspect) that the specific echo of the WU is still in the party itself.


One thought on “Tea Party Insight

  1. Yes, the world turned upside down. The ones who used to scream “love it or leave it” want a return to those days. The former radicals have become today’s mainstream, which just enrages today’s “radical patriots”. I would not be surprised if some democratic candidate makes the teabag-SDS comparison at some point, if only to point out what 1968-1974 (nixon years?) America thought of those groups.

    I worry more about the baggers than I ever did about the radical left of the 60-70’s. Too many with guns who think they are justified in using them. They’re also an older group demographically than the college age SDS crowd in the 60’s, who generally matured philosophically as they aged. I also think more folks would be likely to cover for today’s nuts, much like we saw with the bomber in GA. They have a broader base of support than the 60’s guys did, particularly in some parts of the country.

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