tomato growing study

I had this pointed out to me, and it’s the sort of thing that fascinates me.

It’s a release about a study in Spain on growing tomatoes. Or more accurately, studying conditions that matter to growing tasty tomatoes. It’s a classic process: control for all but one variable and test the results — and don’t forget to do this in multiples so a wildcard result doesn’t throw things out of whack.

The discovery could be pretty exciting to several friends. Heat seemst to matter more than light.

The key tests were in greenhouses where some plants got 50% the light of others. The taste was (nominally) equal. Study is ongoing as to how hot/cool matters, but basically as long as you can get your plants at growing temperatures they’ll make good tomatoes even in short and weak light periods.

Let me restate this. If your greenhouse is warm enough you don’t need artificial lighting. That’s true even if you’ve got very short days, and what you’ve got is frequently overcast. Your tomatoes will still be just as tasty as if you got perfect lighting days.

Now please note that low light is not NO light. They still got 50-70% “full” light. You still need some light for photosynthesis. But once you’ve crossed that threshold, extra light will not make the tomatoes better.

mmmmmm. tomatoesssss.


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