A warmup for what is to come

In the next month or so, the Senate will introduce immigration reform.

If you thought things were exciting during the health care discussion, well, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

On the one hand it’ll get louder and uglier. On the other hand the claims the Tea Party isn’t really racist will get harder and harder to swallow.

The place it’s really going to get felt is in elections. Non-white voters have been getting to the polls more and more. The rabid and subtle dislike of non-whites have been what’s kept over 98% blacks voting D. It’s what’s been pushing hispanics from R to D as well. Asians also are gradually making the shift.

In the last presidential election, white voters formed only 74% of the total vote, something that’s been declining for more than 40 years. In that election 55% of whites voted for McCain, who got 46% of the popular vote. 88.5% of McCain’s voters were white.

Phrased a different way, almost 77% of non-whites voted for Obama.

What the tea party is going to do is push a lot of the rest of the 23% to the D category.

In the long run more and more non-whites are voting. (Or rather, the percentage that votes is approaching the rate at which whites vote.) Simultaneously, the upcoming mess will push more non-white voters into the D column. In the long run, until the Republican party stops tolerating its racists it’ll be seen as the racist party, and will pay the price at the national level.

The upcoming mess won’t help that image at all. And it is going to be ugly. The health care fight, with the town halls and death threats to congresscritters, was just a warmup.


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