Chicken Sandwich

By way of John Cole’s site, I got wind of this. “This” is a new sandwich KFC is offering. Two chicken filets, deep fried, then sandwich slices of cheese and strips of bacon. And everyone – I mean EVERYONE – is going on about how it’s a heart attack on the move.


It is, bluntly, a chicken cordon bleu using bacon instead of ham or prosciutto.

CCB can be fried or baked. It can be (and often is) breaded before baking or frying. It is chicken trapping swiss or gruyere cheese and ham or prosciutto. I’ve had it (and made it) with the cheese and meat sitting in a pocket, and I’ve had it with the cheese and meat sitting between a pair of chicken breasts. The two differences here are first the filling meat is different and second the chicken is fried first.

Sorry, folks, but I think you’re overreacting. It’s from a fast food place so of COURSE it’s bad, never mind that I could serve pretty much the same thing at a fine dining establishment, paired with a nice white wine, and have you exclaiming at the fine meal.



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