tip for the day 4/6/2010

Today’s answer is “Sleeping Pills”, and it’s twofer.

Jet lag sucks. Turns out there’s a solution. Before you go to bed, take a sleeping pill. It’s not to go to sleep, it’s to keep from waking up at your “normal” time.

We’ve got this internal alarm clock that goes off twice a day. It resets after a week or so on a new schedule, but till then it goes off on the old schedule. By taking a sleeping pill you sleep through the ‘old’ alarm, which lets you be refreshed.

Down with a cold or the ragged end of a flu? You know it makes you groggy all day long, right? One major reason is you’re not sleeping well when you do sleep. A night or two with the aid of a sleeping pill could easily be the solution. A trio of cautions here.

First, don’t do it if you’re taking other medicines, at least not without discussing it with a doctor or pharmacist. Drug interactions are nasty.

Second, don’t do it if you still NEED to get up in the middle of the night – you know, for things like vomit and such. Not only do you risk messing the bed, you risk doing it in your sleep and having the result go into your airways.

Third, if you need a third night of sleeping pills, talk to your doctor. Sleeping pills can be addictive if overused, they can lose their effectiveness if overused, and if you’re needing that many you might have other problems that need a doctor as well.


One thought on “tip for the day 4/6/2010

  1. You can also try Melatonin or Valerian Root. Herbal alternatives that are not shown to be addictive. Valerian helps me, but when I really start getting insomnia (over a week of no sleep) one night on Melatonin puts me right back into swing. Melatonin is something our bodies produce naturally, sometimes not enough.

    There is, however, no research stating if it is safe or not to take when pregnant (although my doc was quick to try and prescribe me Ambien, I told her I’d rather have restless sleep than put that in my unborn baby). The reason there is no research is that there is no big Pharma behind those herbal supplements aiming to make money from the results. So no research, no idea if it is safe. I avoided them all when pregnant, but Melatonin is a safe alternative to other concoctions out there.

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