Arizona’s new law

So if I were an activist, I’d break the state.  See, the law is not just racist, it’s stupid.  It mandates zero tolerance, and has this big greed button for everyone to hit.

Any state citizen who believes a jurisdiction is not giving 100% can sue that jurisdiction (regardless of citizen’s relationship with that jurisdiction).  If they win they not only get all their legal expenses paid but they get $1000 per day between bringing the suit and its success.  kaching, kaching, kaching.

So, how do I break this law?  I need a state resident/citizen.  And I need a bunch of white volunteers who will be driving rental cars.  The volunteers do things to get pulled over for traffic stops.  Cameras roll, and the sting listens for the absence of one little phrase or variation thereof: do you have proof you’re a legal resident of the nation?

What, you didn’t ask?  You weren’t given an Arizona state driver’s license, nor a passport or green card or birth certificate.  You’re not going 100%.

Give me a habit of this in a jurisdiction and I have a demonstration of a defacto policy – unwritten, but followed nonetheless.

At that point the pain gets obvious.

If, of course, I were an activist.


One thought on “Arizona’s new law

  1. All I could think when I heard of this law was “wow, way to give a license to racial profiling”

    They complain about that in Detroit, that people with dark skin are targeted more often then white people – we’re talking about a relatively large African-American population, and a very large Arabic population. I don’t know if the stats back it up, but it could be true.

    But take a police force in Arizona, a state stricken with the effects of border crossers, many who die in the desert, many who need medical assistance for coming close to dying in the desert, and people who are tired of their tax paying dollars paying for services to help these people (but, in my mind, they are still PEOPLE!) now you give law enforcement the right to arrest anyone on the spot for not having ID. I hope if you have dark skin and dark hair, you don’t ever get behind the wheel whilst forgetting your wallet at home! They’ll be dragging you in. It all just seems like the wrong way to go about it.

    (Let’s not forget, if Mexico had jobs to offer its people, they wouldn’t need to come here…why don’t we help Mexico help itself?)

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