Peculiar congratulation letter

My daughter got the following today from a leader of the community. Twist after the quoting.

Dear Ms. Spencer,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you as a graduate of Lakeview-Ft. Oglethorpe High School. I hope you have made or are making plans to continue your education. Even if you have chosen to enter the job market, opportunities are still available to further your education through classes at local educational institutions.

King Solomon reminded us that life is hard work. Poverbs 6:6-11 states that, “All of life must be lived with diligence”. [sic] Graduation does not signal a time to stop; it signals a time to move forward with determination and perseverance. I wish you well in whatever direction you decide to travel, and please remember that to function at your maximum capability, it is important that you remain drug and alcohol free.

Good luck as you prepare for your future, and if I may ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call.


Phil Summers

The punchline? That’s the sheriff of this county, not a minister. It’s on official county sheriff office letterhead.


2 thoughts on “Peculiar congratulation letter

  1. Wow. It’s really poorly written, too. Don’t you think a congratulatory letter for high school graduates could a) be more positive, b) have proper spelling and c) not have a weak and lame sentence about substance abuse.

    Don’t even get me started on the bible quote. Completely out of line, unneeded, and honestly, there is nothing inspirational about it, even. The whole letter just kind of screams “bleh”, but the religious undertones offend me slightly.

    Just my take. Kind of having a “WTF?” reaction to that.

    • One thing to keep in mind is that this area is heavily in favor of tearing down the wall between church and state. This is the high school that was in the news last fall because the cheerleaders were putting religious messages on the banners through which the football team ran. As I said, it bothers me too.

      As to the quality – yep. Altogether, a nice idea but not well executed.

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