Sweet meets savory, a surprisingly decent appetizer

Jeffreyww made lemon chicken with lemon curd. I’ve done similar, and will tell you it’s almost certainly as good as it looks. However, it also reminded me of one of those “weird appetizers” that taste so good.

Buy a package of good hot dogs. Oh, you can use cheap if your stomach and trust are good with that, but if you’re making for the rest of us get good ones. You also need a pint of raspberry jam or preserves – either works. Cut the dogs into bite size pieces. Bring the jam or preserves to a low simmer. Add the dogs to the liquid and let it cook for ten minutes. Remove, and put it all in a serving dish — put some toothpicks to the side, or put one in each bite of you’re being a bit fancier.

Variations on a theme, one: change the fruit. Grape works for many, just for an example.

Variations on a theme, two: a bit of additive. Add half to equal quantity of mustard or a chili sauce – something with a bite. Not my favorite, and the sauce isn’t as pretty in the serving dish. Still, it goes and some people prefer it.


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