Small Vent

The more I work at this, the more respect I have for paid authors.

I’ve got three stories in various stages of incompletion. I’ve improved a LOT since I started at this, but there are plenty of times I despair of having a complete project.

What trips me up the most is an internal quirk. See, all three are SF or Fantasy. While both genres have a degree of unreality, I really like internal consistency. It bothers me when the hero can do something in one chapter, and the very next he can’t do a tenth of that. I’m also fond of keeping as much ‘realism’ as possible under the belief that the less I have to make up, the less consistency I have to maintain.

Unfortunately, I keep pondering this sort of thing right in the middle of the story. I’ve got one story I’ve completely destroyed three times now because of some critical event that failed this point.

Actually, I don’t think it’d be quite as bad if I didn’t want the two SF stories to be more-or-less in the same universe. But things that Make It Work in one destroy the other. The biggest issue is, well, interstellar travel.

Now, I could just handwave it away. Pick some arbitrary stuff and just go on and if the science fails, so what? The problem is it bothers me. It bothers me because of my quirks, and it bothers me because I’ve seen some series have these quirks and go through frustrations in later stories.

I won’t, but it’s one of several problems that get me locked up. It’s annoying, is what it is.

And since I’ve read other SF authors vent on it a time or two – not all, but some – I know I’m not alone. Just… the more I try, the more I stand impressed by the successful, whether I like the authors or their stories themselves or not.

As I said, a small vent. Off to some more writing.

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