Pondering vents

Yesterday I whined a bit about how my stories were stuck. After it was done I tried to blast out one example of the problem. In the process I awakened to what an idiot I was being.

One of my supervisors used to tell me I’d overthink problems. Basically, I had to – and still often do – consider every single ramification of every variable and its effect on the whole before doing something. Once I moved whatever I was doing was very good and done swiftly, but the pondering had a bad habit of pushing me toward a deadline instead of giving time for followon action.

To be semi-fair, that’s how I got trained on some things. Take as much time as you have to prepare because that reduces the problems. Unfortunately, it’s a negative when either the apparent deadline is really a total job deadline (they say you have a week, but they mean they want it in two days so they can debate, suggest changes, review again, repeat as needed/wanted, and still meet the one week deadline) OR when any deadline is indefinite. Such as in this case where I don'[t have an agent or a contract or any other limit.

In other words, I’m getting mired in details that, while needing fixed, aren’t insurmountable later.

I WANT to write my SF story. However, there are some serious ramifications of technology that need serious thought. As a result, I’m going to work on the fantasy story that’s the first of (probably) four books. To be blunt it’s not extremely unique or ground-breaking. It has two sorta different elements. First, everyone can do a little magic – but I’ve been through the ramifications of that when designing a world for a modified AD&D some years back. (Anyone can use a scroll or a magic item. Anyone willing to spend a LOT of health can cast a low level spell, provided they know it. Mages have two advantages. First, due to innate capability and training they use a lot less health to cast a spell, with the first few being no cost to health at all. Second, some of them can make magic items.) The second sorta-different element is that I’m not fond of Superman. The hero is not Destiny’s Child. While he will do very important things he is not The Chosen One who is destined to defeat The Great Evil (another absence in the series). Actually, I don’t even expect him to be The Greatest. Just better than average compared to his peers.

Oh – and I thought a while and already decided about gender. Since this is a teen coming of age and so may turn into a Young Adult book I decided I didn’t want to deal with rape, attempted or actual. There are two situations in the first book in which NOT at least making the attempt is illogical given the general nastiness of the opponents in those sections. I’m either a coward or lazy, but it’s not happening.

The story of William Scribson (name subject to change) is in progress. I’ve a pencilled deadline of six months given what’s already done. For those who have read this far, thank you for putting up with yesterday’s vent and today’s review.


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