Surfacing for air

Yeah, I know – not much posting. I’ve actually written quite a bit, but I tend to delete it. Some of it I’m not sure I want in public, some I think I’ve poorly phrased (even for me), some I just can’t get finished. What’s got me in this is worth a post, however. (Irony, it lives.)

I’m still unemployed. It now being two years this is becoming simultaneously normal and frightening. It sorta scrambles my thoughts.

Because of the unemployment I’m still working around saving my house. If I can get a job I should be able to keep the house. More anon.

Finally, my daughter starts college this week. The last minute deals – and worse, the last minute MONEY issues – are just another straw on the camel’s back.

Oh, wait. One of the cars broke down. We’re waiting to hear whether it’s worth fixing. Actually, we know it isn’t. Book value is under $300. The timing chain broke, and even that alone is $600. The issue is whether the total cost is so much it’s worth getting another vehicle. We need two, sadly. There is no public transportation here, and I keep having these interviews to get to.

About that ‘more anon’ bit, it’s anon. The state of Georgia does not allow you to walk away from a house. If it gets foreclosed upon, the bank sells it. You are then liable for the amount of loan not covered by the sale. Yes, I know it’s not like that in most states.

So I can’t afford a low paying job. If it’s too low, I go into foreclosure and lose the house, and the debt pushes me into bankruptcy.

If it weren’t for my monthly house expenses I could make it on $8 per hour plus whatever rent required. As it is, my absolute floor is near $20 per hour (aka $40,000 per year). And that’s never getting out of the hole but rather just treading water.

So if I didn’t have the house I could recover instead of slowly sinking, but losing the house sinks me quickly.

That catch 22 is a very impressive catch.


2 thoughts on “Surfacing for air

  1. Oh, Kirk, I’ve been exactly where you are and I’m afraid I have no words of wisdom. It hurts, it’s stressful and it all sucks. I managed to turn it around, but not without huge financial upheavals and I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from them. I’ll keep a good thought for you and your family.

  2. I can’t even imagine. PH went almost a whole year. He’s on a 3 month contract right now, and I don’t know if it’ll turn permanent. Just hoping. We blew almost our whole savings last May when our truck died. Instead of spending another $500 on an old, cheap truck that would probably break down in a year or two, we decided to get something newer. We got a good deal, it’s safer for the baby to ride in, it’s dependable, and it can tow things. But it killed our savings. It made me really nervous – at the time there were no jobs in sight. While he’s working, I’m building that savings back up, but there’s only 3 months of mortgage payments in there. That’s not a very big window. I don’t know, but I’m not seeing a recovery, even though business at my job is booming, I’m not feeling it anywhere else.

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