The new ride

As I mentioned in Surfacing for Air, one of our two cars died. What happened is the timing chain slipped, and then proceeded to gleefully flail the engine area. The fix was going to be a replacement engine. $1700 for the engine, the youngest of which had over 99,000 miles on it. Given there were other things found that would need repair within a year or two, we put it to sleep. Scrap costs will pay the mechanic and tow bill for what’s already done, plus a bit of pocket change.

With that we went looking. It was to be a vehicle pretty much for me alone, costing under $1700 and looking forward to relatively low operating costs if possible. Cars… were found to need a lot more money up front just to get things that ran, usually with work expected. I perused used motorcycle lists out of a continued sense of frustration, and found it.
Hyosung GV250

It’s a 2004 Hyosung GV-250 with less than 6,000 miles on it. It runs like it looks – pretty.

It’s going to be my primary transportation for the next year or three, rain, shine, snow, and heat. I foresee times when I regret this. And times I love it. I also see searching for rain gear and winter gear.


2 thoughts on “The new ride

  1. Have you already bought it? I just spent the last month going through 3 years of back issues of 3 different Motorcycle mags looking for a replacement for my 96 VFR. I have decided that the perfect replacement would be a new 800 VFR. (I’m not impressed with the 1200 VFR)

  2. Yep, already bought it. That’s why there’s a ticket.

    This should probably be a blog post, but what the heck. When I was a lot younger, I got a motorcycle. I got rid of it about six months later because I was an idiot on it. Oh, not intentionally, just ignorant. How ignorant?

    A bit less than three years ago I’d decided I wanted a motorcycle, and I attended the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s training class. A lot of it was, “if you do this, this bad thing happens.” And I’d say, “Yep, done that.” Locked up front, locked up back and then let go only to discover they misaligned, mis-accelerated in curves (too early, too late), and on and on.

    Point is, I’m not a veteran bike rider. As a result, I don’t want a Big Bike right now. I need it big enough to get distances after I’m comfortable, but I don’t need a Gold Wing.

    This will do it. About 3.5 gallons outside the reserve at ~60 mpg (according to regular riders), comfortable at interstate speeds with a capacity for 90 and 100 mph if it’s necessary.

    And as I said, quite decent reviews. I found one unhappy buyer – and I always try to find those. This buyer complained mostly about how he’d taken his bike back to the shop for work and they told him whatever it was wasn’t covered by warranty, and he dissed the entire bike for that. Eventually he admitted the damage was caused by him laying the bike down in a skid.

    I don’t know enough to recommend on my own, yet, but I liked what I read. I also saw the same sort of good remarks on their “big” cruiser, the GV-650. It might be what you’re looking for, might not. On the downside, the nearest dealer for you is in Arvada. On the upside, they offer a two year warranty. YMMV.

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