Another tip – Leather Gloves

Yep, a slight digression from the library stats work. It’s another tip; something I was told, I tried, it worked so I’m sharing.

Leather work gloves are often stiff. Here is a way to soften them. Get a bottle of inexpensive cooking oil. Pour some into your hands and rub them together to spread the oil over the front and backs of both hands. You want a heavy but not dripping coating, but don’t worry about “too much”. Put the gloves on your oil-covered hands, and do a few minutes of work. Most of the oil will go into the gloves. (Some will still stay on your hands, but if your hands are dry this is not necessarily a bad thing.) Do this twice a day. In not more than a week the gloves will be a lot less stiff.

Maintain by oiling regularly, but at least the next time you wear them after a long and heavy workout.

Yes, I use canola oil for this.

You can probably accelerate this a bit by using more oil more frequently, but to a certain extent the solution requires time to work.


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