A bit more library data

Most of today was enjoying the company of daughter home from college. Nonetheless, I did a bit of work on the library data files.

Mostly, I cleaned up 2008, removing libraries with zero staff, zero income, and zero population. Not that I don’t think they’re valid, but they skew the data for the purpose of the study. Remember, the question is how do libraries increase how much they’re used.

Anyway, I decided to run a shotgun RSQ on EVERYTHING in relation to visits per capita. I got some interesting hints. Nothing even approaching 0.5, but still…

There are two general correlations that exceed .20. At .30 is funding per capita. If you only use local and other (excluding state and federal) you STILL get .26 on the Rsquare correlation. For what it’s worth, I suspect that’s a “duh” issue. The more involved the local community (visits per cap) the more likely it is the local community contributes to library funding.

The other correlation with a hint of being interesting is staff per thousand population, which comes in at .23. Interestingly, using just librarians with and without MLS (in other words, none of the clerks and assistants and all that) only gets .17.

Now while this is all interesting, it’s an operational digression. Again, I’m going to be looking at the libraries that have increased visits per population and look for data that correlates — if any.


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