Today my wife and I decided to clear out the peaches in the refrigerator by having a smoothie apiece.

Now before I go into how I make mine, I want to point out that there is NO real standard for these things. They’re pureed fruit (or for some people’s taste veggies), which may or may not be diluted with juice, ice, milk, or something else. Some folk add various additives – yeast or cocoa powder or eggs or something else that adds the taste and consistency and mouth that THEY like.

And that is good.

Now me, I like my fruit smoothies to taste like a VERY fruity shake. The way I do this is equal parts fruit and vanilla ice cream. I peel and core or pit most fruit – definitely the peaches – though if you want it works otherwise. Pop them in the blender (food processors just aren’t strong enough) and pulse till they’re puree. Add the ice cream, run till it’s mixed, and pour into glasses to serve.

I had a veggie smoothie once. Nothing but veggies – mostly tomato, with some carrot and onion and garlic and stripped celery. Oh, stripped celery is when you peel the strings from the celery and use what’s left. Lest this seem weird, just think of it as peeling celery. AAAAnyway, it was very much like a certain commercial veggie drink but without that hint of metal I find so often. So before you knock a veggie smoothie remember they don’t all have to be sweet.

I just prefer the sweet ones.


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