A little more waxed cotton

In the previous post I had found a single vendor of waxed cotton. I did a bit of research and discovered a peculiarity. You see, what they sell is a “martinex” product. Now, Martinex is a trademark for waxed cloth. It’s owned by the Martin family. The Martin family owns a few interrelated businesses such as Martin Dying and Finishing and Fairfield Textile. The latter turns out to be yet another waxed cotton producer.

I find myself wondering if all the US waxed cotton comes from this one fabric family. Anyway…

Now one of the interesting things I found is that the Martin family claims their process uses no solvents. Recall that the solvent turpentine that most home recipes and publicly known recipes uses is a major source of odor. On the other hand, it’s what allows a more thorough and complete distribution of the wax and oil mixture. Not least, it allows the two ingredients to mix more completely in an emulsion. You may not think so, but waxes and oils don’t blend comfortably on their own, not even petroleum extract paraffin. This is one reason my test formula uses d-limonene. But doing without solvents is, well, it’s rather interesting.

I’m pursuing divergent investigations at this point. First there’s the providers of waxed cotton. If one of the Martin Family providers can provide the quality I want at a price that’s right, I may just purchase waxed fabric and make the clothes. On the other hand, another investigation is the cost of just making my own. If I can make mine for less, well, that’s what I’ll do even though it’ll be quite the fuss. I don’t figure to compete with the Martin Family; not in wholesale, for certain.

Queries proceed.


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