Not highly nutritious

… and I don’t care.

Deep fried mushrooms are an occasional failing of mine.

There was a sale on mushooms. We’ve eaten several meals with mushrooms in them, but they’re beginning to age. So tonight, I splurged.

The batter isn’t, really. What I do is mix up a seasoned flour mix (one cup flour, one to two teaspoons salt, maybe some other spices but not tonight, all sifted together) and an egg wash (two eggs, one cup milk, beaten together thoroughly).

I wash the mushrooms (yes, wash, not brush) give them a spin dry, and put them in a large bowl. I pause to start getting my oil hot, then come back to the mushrooms. The mushrooms get dusted with some sifted flour, tossed, and dusted again till they’re covered. Then they all get a run through the wash so they’re all covered in egg wash. Back to the bowl, and more flour till the wash is covered (tossing the mushrooms frequently to ensure coverage). A second run through the wash, and back to the bowl. One more time with flour and they’re ready. Into the hot oil they go.

Oh, wait. I don’t have a working deep fry thermometer, what shall I do? (grin). Old fashioned test: drop in a bit of batter (egg and flour) and watch what it does. If it sinks or barely simmers the oil’s still too cold. If it gets brown REAL FAST, it’s too hot. Adjust. So anyway, six to eight mushrooms go into the oil and they cook till they’re the right color. Pull out with a spider and put in the paper lined bowl. Check the oil and adjust heat if necessary, when the oil’s right do the next batch. For me, six batches (yes, almost 50 glorious mushrooms) made a nice snack-meal for my wife and I.

If you’ve not had fried mushrooms, a minor warning is due here. The heat cooks the ‘shrooms, but the batter keeps the liquor – the mushroom juice – inside. They WILL be juicy. They will also be HOT. If you leave them to get cold the liquor moves to the batter and the things get kinda soggy and not so good, even though they’re an easy to eat temperature now.

I kept today’s dip simple. Ketchup and mustard, separated for my convenience.


One thought on “Not highly nutritious

  1. As a comment, let me add that I know nutrition is good. While those were “supper”, in the three hours surrounding the meal I ate about half a pound of carrots and two apples; no sauces or dips for either snack. And I’m snacking AGAIN on baby carrots — I’ll probably finish a pound before the evening’s over.

    But I do love me some fried mushrooms.

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