Ripening avocados

While I prefer to purchase avocados that are ready Right Now, the simple truth is that usually the ripe ones are gone by the time I get there. Now I’m not particularly disconcerted about that as I know how to deal with it. What boggled me the other day was all the people who did NOT know.

Take your hard green avocados and put them in a paper bag. If you want them to ripen faster add one ripe apple. Close the bag – just fold down the top – and set it aside. Check every day or two. Be aware that if you have more than three or four they’ll ripen at different speeds, so when you check remember to check them all.

You can do the same with green bananas as well. Doesn’t work with oranges, works with tomatoes, and it’s not too useful for melons. But the big consistent success for me is avocados. And since I’ve discovered so many don’t know how, I thought I’d share.

It’s easy.


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