Passion good. Fanaticism bad.

This post by Jane Hamsher bothers me.

I agree with many portions, but there is a little piece that makes me look twice and wonder if I really want to be associated. Let me quote the line:

Obama betrays his core supporters …

Core supporters. Oddly enough, it resonates in my mind with “Real Republicans”.

The endpoint of that label is what presently has the Tea Party dominating the Republican Party. Only the True Believers may play, and we the true CONDEMN the untrue believers. It’s an easy slide to fanaticism.

It says, basically, that our way is the one true way and we shall not listen to those who say differently.

Biblically, it’s the apostles who came to Jesus to say, “he does not do as we do, condemn him.” (Those who are not against me are with me.)

Now for the most part, that’s not Jane Hamsher or the rest of the people at FDL. The headliners are passionate but not unreasonable most of the time. But they’ve been fighting for long enough with enough passion that it’s beginning to look that way. Petty fights with other progressives – just not THEIR progressives – make it look worse.

It bothers me. I’m kinda hoping someone there will think about it – just a bit, anyway. Because I like FDL for the most part, and would hate to see it become a home of fanatics. Passion is fine. Not fanaticism.


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