schizophrenic attitudes

It’s odd. I argue frequently with people who talk about the evils of “the government”, pointing out that most government workers are hard working, trying to do their job to the best of their ability. Yes, there are a few lazy workers and crooked bosses, but generally they’re in the job to do right for people.

And then I turn around and condemn ‘the banks’. Look, the reality is that most bank workers are honest and honorable and will go the extra mile. The problems, just as in government, come when the ones who won’t get in critical positions. In the end I think that’s the real problem with ‘the banks’. Some people who forgot that banks are for people got in critical positions. They were put there because they kept the bank from going out of business, made the bank and its shareholders a little more money, whatever. The test, unfortunately, is how much money you make for your company.

If you think that’s confined to The Banks or the government, take a real hard look at your own company. Who gets moved up, the person who cares or the person who has the most positive effect on the bottom line?

Yes, I’ll continue to condemn “the banks”. Just… it’s not everyone in the business. It’s not even most of them in the business. I think it’s important to keep that in mind over the long run.


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