Carly Fiorina is in the hospital

Reuters article is here.

My first reaction was sympathy. It sucks to be so ill you have to go to the hospital, and it’s terrifying when it looks to be a complication from something as bad as this — an infection from the reconstructive surgery done subsequent to her breast cancer treatment.

My second and third reactions were far less nice, but I’m glad my first reaction was human. The second was a petty “how nice SHE has health insurance.” The third was an even more petty “I guess that’s going to hurt in the election.”

I disagree with many of her positions. She would remove much of what little safety net still exists for people like me; on the opposite side of the class structure. But I wish her defeated, not suffering or worse from medical problems.

So good luck, Carly. Hope you get that problem completely resolved. We’ll save the disagreements for when you’re better.


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