I have spoken with two attorneys, just short of signing the legal papers that make them MY attorney. Both say the same thing. I can delay things by declaring a bankruptcy or by BoA deciding to grant some grace. Put simply, what I’ve got isn’t enough to force BoA to the courtroom – they’d be able to dismiss due to Georgia’s laws. Now interestingly, AFTER the fact I can raise it to make the title uncertain for the new owners.

I do not want to declare bankruptcy. I’ve got (barely) enough in savings and my industry is beginning to pick up, provided I have a place to live.

I’ve had contact from a senior person at BoA. This person may have gotten me an extra 30 days. All I have is verbal so the proof there will be on the 2d of November — if the house isn’t sold, she was telling the truth (and I’ll praise her by name if she wants). If it gets sold, I’ll … I dunno. I won’t know if, in that case, she was giving me false information or if she got overridden. I really wish I had something in writing.

So bottom line, I MAY have a breath to get things done. If I don’t, I can delay by bankruptcy or I can use the post-sale period to pack out and move somewhere, provided I’ve a place to go. Needless to say, it’s a good thing I’m comfortable with chaos. (My wife, unfortunately, is not.)

To the digression. I’ve got job nibbles. A month’s grace may turn those into a job, in which case that’s where I’ll go. Otherwise it’s off to live in my brother’s house for a while. As things continue, I’ll share – to a point, of course.


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