Cheese Crisps

A while ago I told TaMara about chupaquesos, and said that they were basically stuffed cheese crisps. It dawned on me that folk might not know about these bits of delight.

Take a little grated cheese. Make a circle of it on a hot frying pan, or put several circles on a cookie sheet and put them under a broiler. You want to melt the cheese then let it get somewhat toasty. Lift them off (carefully with a spatula – they are HOT) and let them cool.

What you get is an almost crispy (the longer they were cooked the crispier they become) cheese wafer.

Now there are a few things you can do with these. As a start, use them for a cracker in various non-cheese dips. Or make them the base for your nachos and skip the cheese topping. If you make them a bit larger you can use them as a base for a variety of toppings.

As learned for chupaquesos, you can roll or fold the cheese around the filling. Options in this include making cheese “taco shells” (provided you have a former).

If instead of small circles you just made a sheet, you can break up the sheet, or you can roll the sheet around something in jellyroll fashion.

If you want a bit of fun you can melt your cheese on the pan, pull it out and let it cool a bit, put on something (like, say, a mix of onions, ground beef, and olives), and then top that with another layer of cheese. Back under the broiler, get the top crispy, remove, cool, cut apart and serve.

Downsides of cheese crisps? They feel oily as a rule. That’s because the fats in the cheese render out. They also don’t get REALLY crisp unless you push them close to burning – not a good taste at all. They’re very hot when they come out and can give nasty burns while you’re trying to shape them even when you’re being careful.

But they’re very good, and it’s amazing how many people haven’t discovered them.



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