Long time no write

Since I’ve not written in almost three weeks, I think I’ll just make a simple update before ranting.

I still am unemployed. Unemployment benefits are ending. People are working to try and help me keep the house – but without a job that’s got a small problem.

So, off to the rant.

I am becoming more and more convinced that we’re about to go through a major event here in the US. The nation after the event will not be the same as the one prior to the event. Like all major changes, there’s no way to guess all the consequences – and many expected will turn out to carry unanticipated costs and advantages.

I’m becoming convinced that Chalmers Johnson was right — that we’re in the throes of converting from a republic to an empire, and that we might even be facing a major collapse.

In this light, I’m watching the current group of Republican congressmen rather carefully. There is a group that appears to want this collapse. The question in my mind is whether they’re strong enough to force it.

Putting it simply, they have decided that NOTHING (emphasize that word) is acceptable if it is good for the other party, especially Obama. Now antipathy for the other party is not new. But a willingness to force a financial crisis; to continue low GDP; to refuse a treaty that is an almost total display of your principles and intents of the past decade? That’s new in the US. Well, not entirely. I think of some of Calhoun’s actions prior to the civil war and know otherwise.

I’m watching the discussion of ratifying the SALT treaty with interest. If the Republicans reject it, it won’t pass. If they reject it given they helped create it and it reflects their interests and intents, then it’ll tell me how much power the party’s nihilists have.

If they refuse the ratification, I anticipate they’ll refuse to raise the debt ceiling when that time comes – probably in April, though there’s a chance of it in December. If they refuse the ratification, I think they’ll refuse any continuation of unemployment benefits, most job acts, basically anything that would make most of us better.

I don’t think they believe it’ll be “that bad”. Obama will cave and things will be the way they SHOULD be, in their eyes.

I’m feeling a bit pessimistic. I’m near the bottom and I have a pretty good idea that climbing upward is going to get harder real soon now.


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