Of Two Minds

Extreme Workover has started working on a house about 8 blocks from where I live. I could post on all the fun associated with driving past and through the circus on a semi-regular basis, but will leave that alone. No, instead I want to comment on the show itself.

On the one hand, it is good that some people in need get help. If this show didn’t provide it, most families would probably not get much aid — certainly not as much as they need given the extreme deprivation many of these kids suffer. (For those who don’t know, EW is much like the Make A Wish group, and provides their benefit to kids who are pretty much doomed, medically. In this case, the kid’s got brittle bone disease.) And there’s some attention brought to the plight and there’s a brief spurt of money into the economy and, well, a kid who is suffering gets some joy.

On the other hand, it’s showboat charity. All that money, and I mean ALL that money, going to one family that won’t spread out to everyone else. Everyone else? In the eight blocks between my house and this house are two houses with autistic children. There’s a family that recently buried their child –I don’t know what the problem was but it was a long-term chronic condition. There is a deaf child two houses to the other side of the target house. Within the half mile are ten houses being repossessed. I know, personally, of at least six families who like me have been out of work for more than a year — in two cases joining me in approaching three years.

There’s also a capper. The family’s part of the local power structure. His grandfather’s brother is on the city council, just for one example. So while I’m sure the whole process at the show is honest and above board, driven for the showmanship as much as everything else… locally, it’s “yeah, them that has gets.”

On the other hand, at least one child is going to get a better life.

I’m of two minds how I feel about the show.

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