Simple Sweet Potatoes on the Side

I got a lot (about twenty pounds) of sweet potatoes given to me. It’s been so long since I cooked with the tubers themselves I’ve actually been able to start without preconceptions and just play. This is the first dish I really liked, though I expect to have more.

One sweet potato, peeled, cubed 3/4.
One medium onion, peeled, cubed 3/4.
1 Tablespoon olive oil.
Oven at 400F

Toss the ingredients together so the potatoes and onions are lightly but completely coated by the oil. Break apart the onions while tossing. Put in a shallow baking dish, one large enough to avoid stacking, but small enough everything is one mass.

Bake for 50 minutes to one hour at 400 degrees F till the potatoes are soft. The onion will caramelize.

Note: there is no salt here. You can after it’s done, but the flavors are strong enough it’s a matter of want, not need.


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