Another thing

I said in the previous post I’d write about almost everything here. I’ve started another blog for one specific thing: information science. Or maybe information management, or knowledge management, or…

I call myself an information specialist, recently changed to information and knowledge specialist. I have all sorts of cute elevator pitches (none of which I completely like, but they work). Most are a variation on this:

I help clients harness their information flood, giving them the power of knowledge.

The thing is, even though I’ve got pretty close to two decades of doing this and I do a good job of helping others and I’ve read multiple books and articles on the whole information/knowledge management field, I know how little I know. Back when I started Priestly Endeavors, it was in no small part to help me be better. I used it to think out loud. I used it to entice other smart and experience people to respond to my confusion and mistakes, either in comments or on their own blogs. (Or even in a couple of articles. That was an ego stroke. But I digress.)

It worked, and I’m going to see if lightning can strike twice. If the field interests you, feel free to keep an eye. It’s Wisdom Knows Info. At this instant it’s just the baby blog opening articles. Nonetheless I intend to post regularly on the subject of information… whatever it is. (Who knows. Maybe I can even answer that question to my satisfaction.)


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