I’m back. I think

I’m going to try to get re-started with regular posting. Given the title, let me begin again with another meandering sorta document, and we’ll all see where it goes from there.

I’ll begin with “why am I back?” In short, thank (or blame, if that’s your preference) John Patricelli aka Big Bear Butt of the thebigbearbutt blog. He wrote a post and mentioned me as an inspiration. I’d sorta been thinking about starting again anyway, and I am far from immune to strokes to my ego.

Besides, I then went back and looked at the stats from back then, the ones from PriestlyEndeavors. Holy. Crap. I am /still/ seeing over 20 looks each day from people, most of whom wander in because what I wrote shows up in their searches. More important, those who wander in look at other articles as well. My flabber is gasted. Sure, it’s not the ~500 visits per day I was getting while the blog was active, but dear goo I ended that back near the end of 2008. 20 to 50 a day, still? My ego is stroked, again.

But this isn’t Priestly Endeavors, a World of Warcraft blog (for a particular character class, no less). So what am I going to do here?

Almost everything. Look through the archives to get an idea. I cook. I fume about politics. I laugh, I cry. I touch on some pet peeves and pet joys — a lot, I think. So what will show up here is whatever catches my interest. If I were building an audience that would be a bad thing. After all, your interest and mine may diverge. Life’s too short to waste reading of things for which you’ve no interest. I know this.

Fortunately, I’m not building an audience here. I’m just getting back in the habit of writing; of throwing out things that have caught my attention. I’m doing it in large part so it’s clear in my own mind. I will hold a small hope that every so often I’ll get a comment that helps fix what I think I know. It’s happened already – check the archives for waxed cotton as an example. Hopefully it’ll happen again.

To steal a phrase from my earlier blog:

Grab a drink and have a chunk of floor (sorry, not enough chairs). Let’s figure out what we don’t know, each of us, and have a little more fun.

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