This blogging thing is harder than it looks

The rule is write. Anything goes, but get back in the habit of writing.

For today’s post, then, I’ll discuss failure. See, I tried to make cheese fritters today.


Two days ago I made corn fritters and they were pretty good. At the time I made them I thought they’d be great with a sharp cheddar underlying them. Mixed the batter, added cheese instead of corn, dropped them in the oil. They crisped up beautifully, absolutely gorgeous.

Bit into the first and it was raw in the middle. HUH?!. check temp, yep, 375 on the oil. Maybe they’re too big? So I made more at half the size. Once more beautiful crisp-looking fritters. Bit into the next.

Ack. Ptui. Greasy, greasy, oil, and greasy.

Now the terrible thing is that behind both the raw and the oil was this beautiful taste. Crisp dough with a strong cheddar backing. So I know that somewhere in there is a treasure waiting to be exposed.

When I find it, I’ll share. But I do fail. And then I try again. Because there are some treasures in my cookbook and in my program files and in my artbook that wouldn’t be there if I gave up.

I want that cheddar fritter to come out right. And when it does, I’m going to raise it a notch by adding chopped apples. Apple and cheddar fritters. Yum.

after, undoubtedly, much more time with yech. Fortunately, I have garbage disposals dogs.


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