Odd directions

All that looking at self-publishing has pushed me sideways.

Now, I’ve got a lot of half-finished projects around here, ranging from concept to first model (aka first draft).

I’ve not finished them because every time I look at the cost I can’t justify it. Some aren’t done because after more looking they’re not feasible, or they’re already patented or produced. So the clothes and the flat gearbox and the alternate game controller are going to sit unfinished at least for a while.

But all this recent research on self-publishing gave me impetus for the novels.

I’m going to play my own version of Nanowrimo, only I’m going to cheat a bit. I’ve got four concepts ranging from just concept to a handful of chapters here. I’m going to pick one and turn it into a story, then I’m going to finish it (that is, polish and tweak, probably with help from editors and first readers), and then I’m going to publish it.  And I’m going to do that with a few books.

Now what this means is sometimes I’m going to have my head down in the pages and won’t write, again. On the other hand I might use this blog as a sounding board for the story, especially if I’m stuck. It doesn’t mean I’ll forget to look at other things (see what should be the next post for example) it just means I’m going to go in a slightly different direction. Hopefully one or two of you will go along for the ride.

Have fun.



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