Advertising oops

I got home today and found this in the mail. Well, not this I’ve taken out some personal stuff in the middle, and voided the coupon proper (because among other things WordPress says “no ads”). But the key things are present. It’s a stupid ad and I’ll tell you why after the image. Can you guess before you read it?
Dig into one of our Delicious $4.99 Full Meal Deals! Prices may vary with choice of sides.
Your Coupon: $5.45 4PC Chicken or Fish & Chicken Dinner. Go here to get your coupon:
Did you notice? The headline is for the $4.99 dinners, but the coupon is for (wait for it) $5.45.

Yep, the regular meal is LESS than the coupon offered.

Now if you eat at Captain D’s you know that in reality the 4-piece dinner isn’t one of the $4.99 dinners. It’s more, and the $5.45 represents a (small) savings.

Nonetheless, the imagery and messaging sucks.

Hey, y’all. We have these meals, but for a limited time only you can PAY MORE!! Coupon below.


Captain D’s recently had a flurry of change of both the marketing boss and the advertising company. One or both screwed up by not looking at the whole of the ad. The parts are fine, it’s the juxtaposition that needs work. Hopefully for the company this is a one-time “oops”.

(Addendum. Yes, I eat junk food sometimes, when I can afford it. And yes, sometimes that’s Captain D’s. I do not pretend to be the guru of nutrition.)

[EDITED. I had to fix the second image so it was voided.]


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