and poached eggs

I like eggs. Generally, I like them hot with the yolk runny.

I like them fried in a good grease or oil, meaning something with a good flavor (like bacon grease). But far too often the oil is just a bland other; margarine doesn’t work that well, I’m not buying much butter these days, and so I’m left with vegetable oil. bleah.

If I’m going to do bland, then, I’ll poach. The pan and the eggs just seem cleaner. But they’re still bland. Or at least they used to be, for me.

See, the other day when I had fajitas, I had some refried beans and some tortillas left over. And instead of frying I got this wild idea. So I started some water on the stove, tossed in a bit of my ‘mexican’ seasoning, and brought it up to temperature. I added the eggs and poached them; a little trickier with the reddish tint to the water but not that hard.

And they came out delicious. My epiphany — my headslap — is why the heck, knowing that for everything else I poach I add seasoning, why haven’t I been doing this for poached eggs?

So here’s the basic start for your taste. Put about two cups of water in a small skillet or saute pan. Add a teaspoon or two of salt and about half that of fresh ground black pepper. (More if you’re using canned stuff.) Bring it to a boil, bring it back to a bare simmer, then slip in a couple of eggs. When the eggs are as done as you want them, slip them out of the water with a slotted spoon or other draining utensil. (Or if you don’t have one, use a spoon to put them in a small bowl, then carefully drain off the water while using a spoon to hold the eggs in the bowl.)

Me, I put them on a couple of pieces of toast or with some hashbrowns. Or as I did the other day, I served them on the beans with the warmed tortillas to the side.

My share for this morning is: poach your eggs in flavor, not just plain water. And if you don’t like plain poached eggs, try them after poaching in flavor. It might be you just don’t like plain eggs.


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