Corn chowder

I had a late lunch today. I made some corn chowder. I thought I’d share. (The recipe, you. Go make your own…)

I melted a tablespoon of bacon grease in the bottom of a saucepan, then cooked half an onion (chopped) till it started to brown. At that point I added the coarsely chopped inside of a leftover baked potato, a can of creamed corn, and half the same can of milk. Stirred it all together, brought it to simmer, and pulled it off the stove. I finished with a little salt and pepper.

Afterward I went and looked up corn chowder recipes on the internet and in a few of my cookbooks. Holy cripes, everybody’s making a Fancy Meal out of it.

It’s all cheap stuff, folks. Yes, a can of creamed corn. I’d have loved a couple of cobs worth of freshly scraped and creamed corn, but I’m poor. Yes, a leftover baked potato. I’ve learned that if I try to save the potatoes I lose some, so I’ll bake the last half-dozen or so near their end-of-freshness date (when it looks like the eyes may be getting ready to sprout) and use them in other dishes like potato salad or soups.

I think I said this earlier when talking about chowders but I’ll say it again. Chowders are poor man’s thick soups. Some milk, some thickener (usually potato), a little browned onion, and the star (clams, corn, oysters, chicken, kale, the list goes on.) It’s rather hard to go wrong.

This was no exception. It was delicious.

As a major digression, I see I’ve posted a LOT of posts today. I think that means I’m writing these instead of working on my book. That means back to the grindstone. I’ll try to save later posts for tomorrow.

Have fun.


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