The book, a progress report

I’ve decided to force things a touch by embarrassing myself publicly.

Today I wrote for two hours. I have just over 750 words. sigh.

In some ways that’s not fair to myself. I added almost a thousand words to the background. and I typed about 1100 words in the book, but deleted a bunch. Not really finishing while writing, but my opening sucked so hard I couldn’t get past it.

though that said, I’ll share the first sentence or two just for your amusement as the /intent/ is still guiding this book.

“I remember the first time I set my finger on fire. It was shortly before we learned the world was ending.”

It’s, umm, urban fantasy. yeah, I’ll go with that. That setting the thumb on fire? Accidental magic. And the world ending isn’t where I intended to go, not really. More of massive change as ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties… well, vampires and werewolves and a few other nominal figments of our collective imaginations become real.

So why am I writing here instead of on it? Because I forgot to grab my thumb drive this morning and the story’s sitting at home instead of with me while I try to get ‘real’ work.

Lessons to learn, again. Don’t leave the thumb at home.


5 thoughts on “The book, a progress report

  1. Hey, don’t feel bad, I am still trying to pull an idea out of nowhere. So, your 750 words is like gold compared to my tally. And, forgetting the drive was probably a good sign. Maybe you needed a bit of time off to let it all settle in your mind.

    • Nah. I had hours of background I needed to get sorted. When I got my drive back I found myself re-doing things I’d thought through in the hours away.

      But I tend to overthink. I’m at the point (I know from experience in non-fiction) where even though it feels like I’m refining I’m actually procastinating.

      As to ideas, I’ve discovered that’s not the hard part. It’s developing the idea into a story that I slip on. If you’re having problems, one writer I met had a suggestion that helped me back when I first started blogging. Sit down regularly (as in, on schedule every day) and write something even if it’s 500 words on why you have nothing to say today. “Why”, by the way, seems to stir the juices better than simply repeating “I have nothing to say today” till you reach your wordcount.

  2. Hmmm, seems like we’re on a similar path. Though mine got derailed by a request to co-write a film script, and due to the fates, it has become a priority.

    My creative writing (I’m embarrassed to call what is typed on my page a novel) is all romance-mystery-sex, as this is MY favorite genre to escape into when the world it too much. Halfway through laying out the story, I realized that the original mystery was going to end at the mid-point, bringing on the big twist…what we thought (including me!) was the mystery isn’t really what’s going on at all. Now if someone would just clue me in on what that bigger mystery is…

    I look forward to hearing more of your story. I’m really glad you’re posting again, I’m enjoying it.

    • Someday, when we’re rich and famous, we’ll have to meet over dinner and laugh about this. (grin)

      The most cliche’d twist in what you’re using, by the way, is that the villain was being used by someone else for yet another villainy. It may be hackneyed, but it still works. (just to stir the juices, not to steal your story.)

      • 🙂 Second most cliched twist – blaming the villain for all the events happening, then once the villain is subdued, the bad stuff keeps happening and finding out it’s someone completely unrelated (NOT that I’m going in direction..ha ha).

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