Ranting more on the previous

You know, I really wanted to be writing my book. either book. But I can’t get this Arizona stupidity out of my head, nor how it is a reflection of the Republican party as a whole. So some somewhat random, disjointed comments just to get my head clear.

“If she didn’t want to get pregnant she shouldn’t have had sex” is, these days, just as valid as “if man were meant to fly God would have given him wings.” We have the technology to beat smallpox, preserve food, communicate almost instantly with the other side of the plant. Yet we’re to ignore one particular tech for some reason.

My fellow males, nothing we take or do is comparable to the pill for women. Nothing we take allows us a significant opening of opportunity. Look, between 80 and 98% of women over the age of 18 (depends on which polls you trust) have taken the pill at some time for contraceptive purposes. The closest we can come in exchange to this bs?
You can only drive to go to or from work. Not school, not the grocery store, and definitely not to visit your girlfriend.

OK, I really have to hammer this stupid arizona law. Your medical records and medical history are private. Except for using the pill as a contraceptive? Let’s add the equitability, shall we?

Your employer may request and receive your unredacted medical records, not only from your insurance but from any physician you use who is not paid by your insurance. There is no clause that your employer cannot discriminate based on what is in there. Oh, it was in the first draft but was deleted during markup and amendments. By the way, you’re in an at-will state. Yeah, that sounds stupid and invasive? See the Arizona law again.

Fricking idiots. Sex is not evil. Women are allowed to be themselves, wholly and completely. They should be as free to take advantage of modern technology as every man getting viagra, every man getting a vasectomy, every man getting lasik, every man using the computer. I’m pretty sure we won’t see the whole lysistrata redux thing, but you (males only, including my own male self) would sure deserve it if we did.

OK, I’m hoping I’ve ranted enough I can go on to things I like. Or at least painful things i’d rather be doing, like workouts and…

I think it was Niven on writing: “Stare at the blank sheet of paper till you sweat drops of blood.”


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