Another comic referral: Errant Story

I’ve decided to push several of the comics I read; not only the three or four I did before but some of the others. Tonight’s choice is Errant Story. Note, please, that I’ve actually sent you to the very first page instead of the homepage.

You see, unlike most of the webcomics I follow this is a full story; a novel in graphic form. Michael Poe’s written and drawn a solid, complex fantasy story. I’d rather read it than several of the Big Fantasy Stories out there, and honestly think if he got enough readers it’d be one of the standards against which fantasy stories are measured. Yes, I really think it’s that good.

It is in the last few pages; it would have been done but there was a bit of a delay when Poe’s wife/editor/art director had a bit of medical nastiness.

I highly recommend it. Just remember it’s a novel of several hundred pages and either set aside enough hours or plan to take it in chunks.


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