Frustration with writing

Part of my problem is I overthink. I put on my editor’s hat waaaay before I’m done.

Case in point. Yesterday, instead of actually writing anything, I started editing the beginning.

Now let’s face it, everyone has to edit. And I’ve got some terrible, terrible beginner’s habits. For example, I was ok with the first paragraph, and then jumped right into “Oh woe is me” writing to set Mike (the protaganist)’s character. Telling, not showing, and immediately presenting the reader with the impression of someone you wouldn’t want around for more than a few minutes, much less for the next several thousand words.


But I know, from short stories I’ve done and from other novels I’ve attempted that I have to do this just to get my mind in frame. All the background notes in the world don’t make the character /real/ to me till I can add a little whine, and I pour with a heavy hand up front.

So when I realized what I was doing I stopped and went on to other things. Sadly that did not include writing. silly me. So today, after I help my daughter with various things she brought home for me to do with her, I’ll see if I can’t get a few hundred more words in about Mike and his world.

Even though I still feel annoyed at having no clue where he’s going – not even what the next disaster will be.


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