A little ramble

This post will ramble a bit. My apologies in advance. See, I drove six hours each way today for a possible job. Four hour interview. We’ll see. Anyway, I set myself a goal of writing something in the blog every day. You have been warned.

While driving I thought about my story. Now, I’ve done that before, and every time I’ve wished I had a dictation device to speak my stream of consciousness thoughts into. One or two might even be worth pursuing, I thought. Thing is, by the time I got to the other end and did whatever I was doing I’d usually forgotten.

I tried something this trip, and we’ll see how it turns out but I’ll share now anyway. See, I take breaks while I drive, stopping every two to three hours to get out, walk, and stretch. So what I did is instead of five to ten minutes I took ten to fifteen, five of which was furiously scribbling brief notes into my notebook. Mostly just short phrases though there are a couple of paragraphs. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can actually use any of it. No, tomorrow I’ll see if I can read it and remember what I was thinking.

I hope all of you had productive and successful days. Tomorrow, and next week, I’ll see if I did. In the meantime,

Have fun.


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