Following the ramble

Sleep. Breakfast. Pet and walk the dogs. Pet the cats. Pet the jealous dogs. and the cats. again. Enough, sit and read news and comics (not necessarily in that order), and finally… read yesterday’s scrawls.

I can read (with effort) about 2/3. Roughly half of those I recall what I was thinking that led to the notes. I put them into my ‘possibilities’ folder, but I think only about 10% will actually get used.

That’s actually pretty productive, given previous car rides have generated absolutely zero.

So a side experiment for me is to figure out how to do this while on long motorcycle trips. See, that’s my primary ride – the car is my wife’s. I put just under 20,000 km (~12,000 miles) on the bike last year and will do it again this year. I don’t really want this for the short commutes, but any trip over 20 minutes (especially those long highway trips) inevitably have my backbrain kicking out ideas. If 10% — heck, if only 5% are useful then this is worth the effort.

This afternoon will be cranking words into stories. I’m behind my goal for the week.

But I thought the handful of you reading deserved ‘the rest of the story’.

Have fun.


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