Webcomic recommendation

Yep, another one. I need a bit of relaxation for my brain, and the cooking part is engaged in “what’s for supper”.

Today? Today I think I’ll take you to Goblins. Once more I’m starting from the first page of the story. Yes, it is again a progress instead of a series of one-offs. (I think I’ll share one of those next time.)

Goblins is set in a Dungeons and Dragons world, almost literally. The twist is that the main protagonists are goblins. Well, except for the other set that comes in later, the human, dwarf, and the yuan-ti.

The early pages are fairly crudely drawn. In fact if you go to the link I showed, the prior page is the author/artist’s request to realize he does improve. (It’s worth a quick look but does nothing for the story.)

It isn’t just humor, though that is the start point and continues throughout. It’s… a complex story of heroes of necessity who do what they can because they must, and sometimes screw it up because they are people. There are failures as well as successes. And I read every episode as soon as I can, every Tuesday and Friday evening.

There are seven years of archives. It’ll take you a while, but I think you’ll find it worth the time.

Have fun.


2 thoughts on “Webcomic recommendation

    • Ah, yes. Getting near the current point in the story, are we? (And learning how to talk to intellectual giants in their own minds, too. Isn’t it nice when humor is educational?)

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