another webcomic

Almost missed my personal deadline – I want to try to keep writing at least something here every day. So, how about something semi-brainless. Another webcomic.

Yes, I read a lot of them. I used to do it because it was fun. For the last couple of years I’ve been reading to try and learn how to tell stories. Yes, comics are not novels. yet the underlying concept is, well, it’s still telling a story. In that light, a couple of offerings.

First, one I almost hesitate to bring to the table. The last time I brought Sunset Grill to someone’s attention, the creator had to take a brief hiatus for a few weeks. Her posting is erratic, the uncanny valley effect is better than it was but still gets me, the posing of the figures is still a bit awkward. But I keep reading because of the story. Stories, actually. Which are (correctly) CHARACTER driven. Her people are people, with good and bad qualities all of which matter and move. It’s SF, for those who care.

Second, another fantasy comic. (Yep, my favorite type. sorry.) Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (aka YAFGC) is NSFW. Nudity (breasts, backsides, no genitals). It starts with the goblin and beholder that start with infatuation then fall in love, and goes nuts from there. There is love, hate, betrayal, loyalty, absurdity, profundity — sometimes all in a short span of pages. In addition to learning character driven stories I’ve been learning how to make likable aliens. well, monsters. Or maybe the lesson is villains, who despite being villainous are still, well, people. Yesterday’s strip was 2145, which means there is (again) a lot of backlog for those who like it.



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