Bean Salad

I suddenly had this weird food craving, wound up letting my hands throw together a salad while my brain was yelling, “No, NO, yech, NO.” and yet now the bowl is empty. So I’ll share, and you can decide if “yech” or “yum” is appropriate.

Since it was just hands the following measurements are pure guesstimate.

I started with a can of kidney beans. Neither of us like them that much but they were part of our food pantry dropoff – and neither of us will throw out food while we’re hungry. Needless to say this is when my brain started asking my hands wtf they thought they were doing. But I digress.

Can of kidney beans, drained, rinsed a couple of times till the thick brine was gone, and into a bowl.

One dill pickle, small dice. My brain’s still yelling about the kidney beans. Pickles are good.

One very small onion, call it half a normal small onion, small dice. Oh, it was a larger onion when I started but the bad spot I saw when I pulled it out. In case you didn’t guess, the instant the onion went to the cutting board instead of the trash the mind did a double-take. Even though it knows I know that a bad spot in an onion doesn’t mean the rest is bad. Nope, kidney beans and an onion with a soft, mushy, dark spot? What the heck, hands, are you trying to kill us?
taste. Bleah. Brain is yelling “Na, na, toldja so, toldja – wait, what are you reaching for now?”

The cinnamon and the ginger? huh? call it half a teaspoon of the ground cinnamon and a quarter teaspoon of the ground ginger. Just a quick shake and toss, the brain’s screaming for help.

Sugar. white sugar. A soupspoon, lightly heaped. No, two. the brain is now saying, “you can make it but you can’t make me eat it. Nope.”

And… about a quarter cup of brine from the dill pickles. Stir, set aside, and the brain goes “ok, good hands, you worked out. Now feet, go thataway. no, I said that away, not to the spooooooOON NO DON’T EAT THAT YOU —

huh. That’s pretty good. Lemme try another bite. Hey, do we have to wait for supper to finish this? Oh, it’s part of supper? ok, then.”

Yeah. Next time maybe some honey, and a dash of cayenne.


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