One of the blog-things I do, just because it amuses me, is check stats. Sometimes I see really peculiar things. Like today.

If one of you visitors could tell me – why did my number of visitors triple today, almost all of it coming from the UK?

See, if I’ve caught attention accidentally, I can laugh at myself. And if I’ve said something that’s interesting, I can maybe learn to do it again.

And of course, if I hear nothing I can delude myself that I’m Important and Significant to the Secret Masters of the World — though whether that’s good or bad remains to be seen.


One thought on “Hello?

  1. I had a period of time where a lot of my web traffic was coming from Qatar. I figured it was spiders or spammers – since I also get a lot of nonsensical comments that I have to delete. So maybe you are now on the radar of spammers or spiders! Or maybe you have a bunch of fans on the other side of the Atlantic!

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