webcomic triple play

You’re getting a triple play today because the same artist does all three. One I’ll recommend for story studying, the other two will be somewhat narrower humor, but yes I read all three.

The story is PS238. Not really a new concept, PS238 is a school for the children of superheroes. It’s an elementary school, so there aren’t any romances going on; not among the kids, anyway. There are some surprisingly dense concepts hidden under light banter and humor. Characters are characters, not just with their abilities but with their interests and flaws and speech.

The first of the narrower comics is for the dungeons and dragons crowd. Nodwick is a henchman who (usually) works for a warrior, mage, and priestess. It’s semi-serial in that there are individual stories but it’s not required to go through all to get any of the later ones. There’s no character development here, just straight cartoon humor with running gags, bad puns, and punchline end-frames. Yes, even during the serial.

The second isn’t serial. Full Frontal Nerdity is mostly for the gaming crowd, the ones who (like me) had a regular group for years well after high school. If you didn’t (or don’t) do tabletop RPGs, you won’t get most of the humor. If you do, you find yourself going, “Yep, I remember that.” and laughing. Or crying if you were on the wrong side of it last time.

Oh – there is also some tech humor in the last. For example, there’s their homage to the “Give a mouse a cookie series”

If you give your Mom some memory

If you give your Mom some memory, she’s going to ask for broadband too.
As soon as you install her cable modem, she’ll probably want to know what a “Google” is.
After she discovers that she shouldn’t use “image search,” she’ll decide she wants to see some funny videos of cats.

… and on in that vein


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