When the interesting times end in about a month, I want to make something. I ran across pictures while looking for something else, and started drooling.

Take a slab of bacon, uncut. Deep fry it, then present it as a roast. Simple, elegant, delightful.

Some thoughts. First, it’s going to be less greasy than several other options. Deep frying fatty meat tends to render it effectively.

Texture wise it promises to be delightful. Fatty meat tends to get very, very crisp where it’s in contact with the hot oil. Thin slices crisp fully. (If you’ve ever had pork rinds you’ve experience this.) If the meat is thick the surface crisps while the middle “just” cooks. So I’m looking at bacon with a very crisp crust and a tender though fairly well-rendered center.

Next month, hopefully. When I do it I’ll take pictures.


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