On sex, marriage, and power

This is a response to Glenn W. Smith’s recent post on Firedoglake – in part because I don’t want to mess around creating a login. đŸ™‚

Glenn asks why so many places are so concerned about sex outside of marriage. The stock answer is to control women. To which I reply, “sort of.”

The real answer in one word is inheritance. Or perhaps the concept that Blood Matters better explains it.

By controlling sex I ensure that “me and mine” and those of like are not contaminated by “the other”. By doing so I ensure that the outsider never has access to the wealth of me and mine, and that when God acts against the unbelievers there will be no taint of blood that brings His angel to me and mine.

Yes, it is still control of women but that’s not the end game; it is instead an intermediate objective.

I still find it objectionable, but I think getting a better handle on the objective helps in opposing it.


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